About us

We are investment managers. Faith based and impact focussed.

Incluvest BV was founded by the Dutch development organization Woord & Daad in 2012. Today it is owned by Stichting Poverty Share Investments, a non-profit organization that aims at alleviating poverty through investments in inclusive business models.

Woord & Daad is a strategic partner. Its programs in the field of supply chain development are key to the success of the investee companies of Incluvest. These include training programs for smallholder farmers. But also vocational training for youth, for them to benefit from the job opportunities generated by Incluvest’s investments.


Koert Jansen

Managing Director

T  +31 653121140

Wietse van Tilburg

Fund Manager

E  w.vantilburg@incluvest.com
T  +31 630157133

Arnout de Visser

Investment Manager

E  a.devisser@incluvest.com
T  + 31 613126399

Corstiaan van Aalsburg

Investment Manager

E  c.vanaalsburg@incluvest.com
T  + 31 624225029

Ernst Prosman

Finance & Control

E  e.prosman@woordendaad.nl
T  +31 183 611800

Arjen Bulk

Investor Relations

E  a.bulk@woordendaad.nl
T  + 31 630453160

Mariëlle Kuiper


E  m.kuiper@woordendaad.nl
T  + 31 612612448


Experienced. Supportive. Down to earth.