Incluvest to join trade mission to India

Wietse van Tilburg, manager of Fair Factory Development Fund, will join the Dutch trade mission to India between 22 and 25 May. This visit will mark the start of a new Fair Factory.

In India, Wietse will sign an MOU with Schouten Europe BV and LT Foods Ltd for the construction of a new food processing factory in India.

The three joint-venture partners aim to built a factory for the production of meat substitutes, for consumers in India and abroad. They agree to constitute the factory on Fair Factory principles, to ensure that many stakeholders – including smallholder farmers – will benefit from the factory’s presence. Stakeholder dialogue will be fostered through the installation of a Fair Factory Counsil.

Schouten Europe is a Netherlands based specialist in plant-based protein foods. It is an international market leader in vegetarian meat substituting products. Indian partner LT Foods is an internationally operating food company, notably known for its rice products. LT Foods has an extensive corporate socially responsibility program, targeted to uplift the farmers that it is sourcing its raw material from.

Both Schouten Europe and Incluvest’s strategic partner Woord & Daad are signatories of the IMVO covenant. IMVO is the abbreviation of Internationaal Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen, which stands for international socially responsible business practices.

The Dutch government will be strongly represented in the trade mission. Apart from Prime Minister Mark Rutte, also ministers Sigrid Kaag, Carola Schouten, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and Bruno Bruins will participate.

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