Example: cashew processing factory in Bénin

We are a 20% shareholder in Afokantan, a cashew processing factory in Bénin. Afokantan sources raw cashew nuts from around 3,000 smallholder farmers.

Incluvest and founder-shareholder White Bird International from The Netherlands have agreed that the factory is run according to Fair Factory principles. This means, among other things, a strong focus on the wellbeing of the farmers.

With support from Woord & Daad and the Dutch government, a comprehensive support program has been put in place to make sure that the farmers can optimally benefit from the presence of the factory. The program includes training for farmers to learn how to improve their yields. And how to organize themselves in groups, so that they can realize economies of scale and gain more negotiation power.

The program also foresees in giving the farmers access to microfinance.

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